imageWeek 2 term2

This week I wrote a diary about soldiers.

It’s terrible. Bombs keep falling. Smoke fills the valleys. There’s violence and firing. There’s no peace what so ever. Soldiers where screaming. The Turks firing keeping us in line. It was freezing. Soldiers died of frost bite. It hailed. We where going to to a atack but it was to wet. The Ocean turned to ice. So we only got half a cup of tea, and no firing for three days. So we just threw bombs over. And hoped for the best.





Week  1 term 2

In maths I’ve learnt about angles. And when I say that  I mean I learnt to use a protractor propley. I knew how to do it. But only very little.

I learnt my 3 times tables and a maths game it was target 100. You had to get to 100 without busting.




We also leart about ANZAC day and WW1 and WW2. It Was sad but we hung in. I looked in the Gisborne Gazette and I found a soldier.He was in WW1 he was a digger his name was Ray Campbell He lived in mount Macedon He is a very old man now.

We also read books like GALLIPOLI and  A ANZAC TALE.



















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