Captain Cook so discovered Australia didn’t he? Well he didn’t.
Actually if you didn’t know. Four other countries where there before him.
China came in the 1400s. The Portuguese came in the 1500s. The Dutch came in the 1600s
and then Captain James Cook came in the 1700s.
But before all of them were the Aboriginals. They came 50,00 years ago. The Chinese, the Dutch and the Portuguese thought it was just a small island.

We’ll start with the aboriginals. They were there first, we know that because we have found tools, weapons, paintings and heard stories., and they were there 50,000 years ago.

The Chinese arrived in the 1400s. We know that because we have found Ming statuette buried deep in the sand. A Ming statuette is a ancient statuette.

The Portuguese arrived in the 1500s. They where there before the Dutch because we have maps that show where they went.

The Dutch came in the 1600s. We know that because we have found one of there wrecked ships in the bay.

And then Captain Cook came in the 1700s. It took Captain Cook nine months to find Australia. Before we got called Australia we were called The Great Southern Island. His boat was called the Endeavour. It first sailed it 1769.
So that states that Captain Cook did not discover Australia but he claimed it. But I’m glad he did, because I don’t want to speak Chinese and if we did get claimed by China I wouldn’t love and have dirt bikes.

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