imageFor two weeks we recorded the UV data and the temperature and what the sky looked like. We did this to see if there was a difference between the temperature and the UV rating. The Maths in this was tables, statements and conclusions, record information and the difference. We found out that Gisborne was colder because it was in the mountains. Also that the UV wasn’t related to the weather.


This is the tree that we hung them on.

Yesterday it was Remembrance Day and we did a couple of things to show our respect. We did some research to find out why Remembrance Day is on the 11th of the 11th at 11 o’clock. I did find out why and it Β was because it was the date that the countries signed a form to end the First World War. We also made poppies with a message of peace on the back of the poppies. On the back of mine I put “We will remember those who gave up their lives for our country, rest in peace” after that we hung them on a tree.


Today we went into the gym to go into this big dome to learn about the Sun,Earth and the Stars. I had a lot of new learning. I learnt about the constellations and about the leap year. That you can see Saturn,Venus,Mercary,Jupiter and Mars in the night and early morning. That Earth got hit by a strange planet called Thea. Thea went straight through Earth and all the debris from the hit put themselves into a ball to make the Moon. We should thank Thea for hitting us otherwise we wouldn’t be able to live. Thea also put us on a tilt from the crash. I have a lot more to say but it would be to much. I learnt a lot from Starlab.

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