What Makes My Text a Explanation One

Hopefuly you have read my earlier post of my explanation text. That is because this post is about what makes my text a good explanation one.

Well for starters it has a title. Which by the way is inportant. It tells you why we can’t float around. Which shows you that I stuck to the title. I used language that my audience could understand. I have a bibliography. Just in case you don’t know what that means. Basically it lists the websites that you used. I kind of make sure you have atleast a half of a understanding.

So yep. See ya later.



I Can Explain Why We Can’t Float Around On Earth

Ever wish you could just float around? Well guess what!!!, it’s called gravity son. It’s never gonna happen. I don’t care how many times you go ” look at me!!!, I’m about to jump of a light pole” Get this, NOT HAPPENING.
What keeps our little butt on the ground is Atmosphere. You can’t rid of it. It’s not like your going to send a missile and blow it up. It’s gonna be there all your life man. It’s gonna be there in the next ten years. In the next 100 years. It’s gonna even be there in the next 1000 years.

The Atmosphere has five layers. The first one is the Troposphere. Which is 12km up. The Stratosphere which is 50km up. That’s life driving from Gisborne to Melbourne. Then the Mesosphere. That is 80km up. After that there’s the Thermosphere Which is a very high 320km up. That’s like from Bendigo to Melbourne almost three times. Last but not least, it’s the Exosphere. Which is 1,280km up. Yes I know…it high.

As well as being very high, the atmosphere protects us from the Suns heat as well as spaces cold. With out the atmosphere day and night temperatures would be extreme. Most of all it protects us from the Suns harmful rays. Just to add, if we didn’t have atmosphere, the temperature would be -274f degrees.
So next time you jump of a light pole I won’t be there to catch you. You know you can’t fly with out a jet pack. You just your dreams being crushed.

Author: Dan
Bibliography: eo.vcar.edu ,Windows2 universe.org

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