Mission Impossible🍌!#%

img_5422 img_5423 img_5425 img_5426 img_5427 img_5428 img_5429 img_5430 img_5431 img_5432 img_5434Hey guys,

I’ve just finshed my picture storybook for my 2017 buddy. I’ve called it Mision Imposible. It is about a monkey who runs out of bananas and goes on a mission to find bananas but everyone keeps on downing him.

We had to write it and the type it. After that we would design the front cover. The illustrations were the hardest for me scincenim not a good drawer. I liked working with my mates. I would do the pictures differently by takeing more time.


Climate Change or Not!#%

Today, a meteorologist called Ceri came in to talk to us about climate change and global warming.

Some main key things she spoke about include the following.

: Humans are the main cause of co2 (carbon dioxide) going up into the atmosphere. 97 out of Β  Β  100 sciencetists agree. We are the biggest contributor because of Factories, cars, gas heaters and other stuff like that.

: Gases go up and have a impact on the atmosphere.

: Weather and climate change is real and is happening.

: The proof on the climate change include photos, graphed data, ice capes melting, ocean warmer ocean.

: 1 or 2 degrees might not make a difference to us but it makes a huge difference on marine life and creatures on land.

: Farming and raising cattle are big contributors to it since cows let out a lot of gases 😷.

: CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) was a big effect to make the hole in the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

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