Too small for me to live in!#%


Ding, and the lights are on. The last couple of weeks Dan and I have been working on a solar/ passive energy house. First we had to choose some land. Dan and I chose some land in Byron Bay. Then we had choose where we wanted to put our house and why we put it there. After that we needed to build a house out of a shoe box. Daniel and I only had one hour as we were on camp. Then we made a video and explained why we made passive houses and explain what we put on our house. The next day we made a circuit for the solar system on the roof. Daniel and I were first finished so we put a light switch on. It worked so well.

Heaven is Real!?#πŸ¦πŸŒ­πŸ•

Pizza, ice cream, sausages, drinks. I didn’t know that heaven was real. Get this a concert with 26 performances as well. We did this on Thursday the 1st of December. Each grade did a song and preformed it. It took several hours to choose a song, make up the dance moves (choreography), practise and to do the performance. Our song was dynamite. I didn’t like most of the moves in our dance because to me they looked stupid but I just got over it.The actual song itself as well because the voice is a bit annoying. After our dance I just had a really great enjoyable night, it was fantastic.

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