Election Day

Today (26th of June) we had our election. Basically the year 4s &5s voted for their favourite political party. I know my group was very successful. I know this because we had many votes and each member of our team put themselves out there. Every individual showed that they wanted to win. The year 4s came first at 10:00am. Our group I think went well for that hour. The year 5s came at 11:30. We didn’t do as well. That’s what I think. Our party came 5th or 6th over all. The winners were free fun Friday. I had a great day. I should’ve been at my table more offen. Thank you.

On the Ball Outsiders

One thing you need to know. VOTE FOR US!!!

Footy without tackling is like having a bike with no wheels, hamburger without the burger, glue stick with no glue. What is the meaning of all these things without its main fuel. Things just don’t work so that’s why we could teach the teachers what tackling is right.

Want to feel safe, want to feel powerful? We’ll vote for us and we’ll ensure that you have a quality self-defense program at your hands. This will help your fitness and confidence.

Tackling is certain to happen if we win this election. Did you hear me? CERTAIN!!! Come on do the right thing. Vote for us.

Political Questions and Answers!#%

We watched a video of BTN of what preferential voting is and how it works. It is a sheet of paper with a list of the names of the parties and their leader on the left side. For your first choice you would put a 1 in the box on left of the parties name. For your second choice you would do the same. Just puting a number 2 next to it because it’s your second choice and so on.



1: For a political candidate to win their seat in an election they need to

a. Win half the votes

b. Win half the votes plus one

c. Win 100% of the votes

Answer: B.


2: What is the official name for someone that counts the votes in an election?

Answer: A counter.

3: Not every country uses preferential voting. Can you name one?

Answer: North Korea because they have a dictator.

4: Why are the advantages of a preferential voting system?


Answer: If you don’t get your first choice, you might get your second of third.

5: Why do minor parties prefer the preferential voting system?

Answer: Because their not as rich they can’t afford big advertisement. So they might get the other peoples second of third choice.

6: What is the purpose of a how to vote card?

Answer: So you know how to vote right and you don’t have a donky vote.

7: What is a polling booth?

Answer: A place where you put your answers of your voting.

8: Have you ever had to vote for someone or something? What was the process?

Answer: Yes, for the AFL app. It was electronic. After your finished it shows you how many people agreed with you.


9: Can you name the three major Australian political parties? Who are their leaders?

Answer: Yes, Liberal, Malcom Turnbull, labor, Bill Shorten and the greens,Christine Milne.


I did my biography on Sir Edmund Hillary. Some of his qualitys were that he had a strong belief of fair play and a fair go. e.g : He got really annoyed when he heard that the government weren’t going to send a party to get a climber who got stuck about half way up the mountain.

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