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We watched a video of BTN of what preferential voting is and how it works. It is a sheet of paper with a list of the names of the parties and their leader on the left side. For your first choice you would put a 1 in the box on left of the parties name. For your second choice you would do the same. Just puting a number 2 next to it because it’s your second choice and so on.



1: For a political candidate to win their seat in an election they need toโ€ฆ

a. Win half the votes

b. Win half the votes plus one

c. Win 100% of the votes

Answer: B.


2: ย What is the official name for someone that counts the votes in an election?

Answer: A counter.

3: ย Not every country uses preferential voting. Can you name one?

Answer: North Korea because they have a dictator.

4: ย Why are the advantages of a preferential voting system?


Answer: If you don’t get your first choice, you might get your second of third.

5: Why do minor parties prefer the preferential voting system?

Answer: Because their not as rich they can’t afford big advertisement. So they might get the other peoples second of third choice.

6: What is the purpose of a โ€œhow to vote cardโ€?

Answer: So you know how to vote right and you don’t have a donky vote.

7: ย What is a polling booth?

Answer: A place where you put your answers of your voting.

8: Have you ever had to vote for someone or something? What was the process?

Answer: Yes, for the AFL app. It was electronic. After your finished it shows you how many people agreed with you.


9: ย Can you name the three major Australian political parties? Who are their leaders?

Answer: Yes, Liberal, Malcom Turnbull, labor, Bill Shorten and the greens,ย Christine Milne.

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