Zoos Are Essential…Um…#useless #MUNCH

How would you like to be in a terrifying, depressing cage with peasants starring at you like your beonće. Or a pair of shoes in a shop. It’s like these people coming into your home. Throwing you into a box in the middle of the night. Taking you to a new place where you don’t want to be. This is why zoos aren’t meant to be.

All the animals would have lost their hunting skills. Take the Tiger for example. If something were to happen and the tiger got released into the wild. They would be hopeless. This is because they have not used any of their past hunting skills. The tiger even is towards the top of the food chain. The tiger should be the king of the jungle. Not the king of the cage.

What is just as bad. Food is handed to them. CHOO CHOO, all aboard the spoon feeding train. I think that just comes back down to space. Did you know that a tiger in a zoo has 18,000 less space then the would have in the wild. That is a big difference.

People are always saying. “Zoos save lives though”. Bull. It’s called Harumbae. It’s called the circle of life. You can say we are born to die. The sooner that we all accept that we all are going to die. The better. If all the animals were saved. The world could not possibly populate all the animals and humans. Already, where ever you look there isn’t always life. And that’s a beautiful thing. Because when you do find a living thing, that is a beautiful thing. If all the animals were saved then we would find life everywhere. That would destroy the beautiful fact of finding life. That reminds me. They are not free. Now take the gorilla for example. It beats its chest to scare of predators. Or to intimidate others. What’s the point of beating its chest at a zoo. What is it trying to protect. A 5 year old boy stuffing his face whit fairy floss. Ohh yeah. That boy could do some serious damage.

By now if still not convinced. Your CRAZY. If u are still going with “ZOOS ARE ESSENTIAL,” well that’s your opinion and I cant change that. But unfortunately for those with some empathy. Like me. Zoos are going to stay till the end of time. Unless someone with political power gets a hit over the head with a baseball bat and gets some sense knocked into him. If you still don’t believe me. Well then search up Harumbae. You’ll find the other side of the zoos. You might as well put the animals in prison.


By Danny.

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