Me in a Minute#$!

The year 6’s and I have been learning about physical, metal, social and spiritual health. For the physical part, we all did different exercises like pushups, sit ups, hoops from free throw line, the distance we can run around the oval and more. All these exercises were done in a time frame of Β 60 seconds. After we done a exercise, we would record it down on a sheet of paper and the start the next.

After we completed all the exercises. We collected all the results from everyone in the our class and create a class average for each exercise. If our score was below the class average. Our goal would be to beat the class average on that exercise. I have to practice skipping. I’m the worst skipper in the world. I couldn’t skip,to save my life

We did this task to improve our heath. In this case it was physical.

Any way, my goal is to have a higher score than the class average. We will do this task again and I will find out if I can skip.

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