A “Health Diary” is a sheet that we right in what we eat, drink, how much exercise, screen time, mental, spiritual and social time we have and what we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ohh, and what you had in between. Sooo snacks. We would record down the facts and make goals to go along with it. I completed my goals. My goal was to have more exercise. I completed my goals by riding bikes for half an hour.I improved on physical health, social health and my diet.


Me in a Minute3!$#

A dew days ago, we did our 3rd me in a minute. I improved on ALL things. This is because I did bike rides at home up hills and I did some of the exersises that we had to do. Like push ups, sit ups burppees ect. This is a chart of the class averages, median, mode and rages for each activity.


A few days ago, we did our second me in a Minute. I improved on 7 activity’s and stayed the same on 3 activity’s. I worked at home by doing a bike ride around the property every night. From that I Inproved on sit-ups, push-ups, skipping, train track jumps, throwing tennis balls in a target, bouncing a tennis ball on a racket and squats. It goes to show that when you get off your butt and start exercising. It makes a huge difference on what you can do. We have one more to do to see if I can improve again.

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