A letter to me!#%

Hi Mate,

Just letting you know that I had a presentation. You probably already know that because you were there, but not just any presentation, a student led presentation. We spent about a week preparing for this conference. We showed our learning in Literacy, maths, inquiry and what we are doing in P.E.

“What did we do well?” you ask. We had no nerves and we spoke clearly. I’m proud of myself because the fact of doing a presentation in front of your as well as your teachers gives you nerves. UNLESS YOU’RE ME. I did it really well. I can look back at it in a year and say “This is a piece of cake and I’ll totally flog it.”

As astonishing as I am I do have a few I can work on. I can improve on making my presentation more interesting and have a more Suitable pace when I speak.
You don’t need to talk me that I’m awesome because I know that.
P.S I am awesome by the

Yours sincerely,
Your self,


In the last couple of weeks all the year 5s have been practicing naplan. In the practice we have been learning and practicing Maths, Writing and reading. I found some of the maths questions difficult.

I’ve noticed that with naming 3-D shapes and putting them together I’ve struggled with them.

I can fix this problem by having more time with 3-D shapes because I have not had enough time with them. I could use the improve website or go on Maths online and I’ll have them locked in in no time.


imageFor two weeks we recorded the UV data and the temperature and what the sky looked like. We did this to see if there was a difference between the temperature and the UV rating. The Maths in this was tables, statements and conclusions, record information and the difference. We found out that Gisborne was colder because it was in the mountains. Also that the UV wasn’t related to the weather.


This term we have been focusing on subtracting in maths and this is what we did.

– Jump strategy – counting on – counting back ( number lines )

– Regrouping – Algorithms Β  Β  ( flip flop )

– The BIGGEST number goes first

– Space invaders – place value target – make to next 10/100/1000

– Making zero

– Subtraction and addition are family

– Check subtraction answers by adding


– Take away 9 strategy ( – 10 + 1 )


This term I kicked my self when I realised how easy subtracting is on number lines.




This week in maths we learnt how to measure an angle with a protracter . At first it was hard but then became easier. This is a protractor. It is used to Measure angles. Also builders use it to measure buildings.

We also learned about triangles. We found out that each triangles angles add up to 180′. And that there are three types of triangles





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