A letter to me!#%

Hi Mate,

Just letting you know that I had a presentation. You probably already know that because you were there, but not just any presentation, a student led presentation. We spent about a week preparing for this conference. We showed our learning in Literacy, maths, inquiry and what we are doing in P.E.

“What did we do well?” you ask. We had no nerves and we spoke clearly. I’m proud of myself because the fact of doing a presentation in front of your as well as your teachers gives you nerves. UNLESS YOU’RE ME. I did it really well. I can look back at it in a year and say “This is a piece of cake and I’ll totally flog it.”

As astonishing as I am I do have a few I can work on. I can improve on making my presentation more interesting and have a more Suitable pace when I speak.
You don’t need to talk me that I’m awesome because I know that.
P.S I am awesome by the

Yours sincerely,
Your self,

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