imageWell that was a day. A long day when I had to say the same thing 100 times. On Wedensday the 7th of September the year 5s had a science expodisition. It was held in the year 5 classrooms. Each year five chose a topic that includes some sort of science. For example, students did…

-Why we can’t breathe under water

-Why we need to stay hydrated.

I chose my presentation on the Deep-Sea Anglerfish and how it lives. I chose it because I didn’t know much before that and because I was instrested in that type of fish. The highlight of my day was when I got to tell people my knowledge of the topic. What was not so good was when I had to explain it 100 times. What did I do well? Lots of things, but I’ll only explain two. I spoke clearly and loud so the visitors could hear. I also recall them saying “Really, I didn’t know that,” at least 1000 times. I could improve on getting them to come over because I waited for them to come. Not calling them over like others.Over all, I had a cool and calm day. I enjoyed myself.


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